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I got two charges in a month for $13.50. The bank marked them as Google CA 6502530000 CA

November 30, 2021 

I had 5 transactions from GOOGLE *HALL and this 650-253-0000. I call Bank of America and had them cut my card off and sent me a new one. I activated it on Saturday and today, Tuesday I have another $5.99 charge!!! The card is brand new!!!!

November 16, 2021 

83 charges today on my debit card of $1.07, shows this phone number as contact information

November 08, 2021 

I received a $50 Visa prepaid debit card for working on my Saturday night off & I checked the balance & it was $50. I went to use the card the following Monday morning & there was only $.11 on the card. I looked up the transactions online & there are 11 charges that total $49.89 all from 650-253-0000 06 94043. The charges say Google Konami, Google Garena, Google Supercell & Google Proxima Beta.

November 08, 2021 

Same. A lot of transactions all the same amount over a period of about a month.

November 04, 2021 

Five charges this morning for $1.16 each total ($5.80) from GOOGLE *VNG Sin Singapore "utilities charges" with this number: 6502530000 from California.

November 03, 2021 

Yes, I got two $5.01 charges on my checking account debit card from "Google krempaskyengel 650-2530000 CA". I never even use this card so I have no idea how anyone even got the number.

November 03, 2021 

Got 2 charges today from Mercedes and anyah from google. Had to cancel my card. No calls however my bank showed 650-253-0000 for location

November 02, 2021 

Kept taking 5.01$ amts from bank account, then took 9.98$. All went to Google places with incoherent names. Like Kolowosky Kost, and Chana Jorden.

October 30, 2021 

I don't even have a card associated with or buy anything from Google but I keep getting charged ridiculous amounts from my debt. How did they get my info and why ? How can I stop this? My bank just saids they will send me a new card but what will stop them from doing it again???

October 30, 2021 
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Phone Number Information

Area Code 650 and Prefix 650-253 assignment information:

Rate Center

Information about (650) 253-0000 found in public records:

1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043

Complaint Statistics

Consumers from California, Arizona, Michigan, Florida, Illinois, and 10 other states complained about phone number 6502530000 calls or text messages.


Cities: Corona Del Mar, Soquel, Los Altos


Cities: Surprise


Cities: Wyoming, Hudsonville


Cities: Jacksonville, Goldenrod


Cities: Royalton

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Was the Call a Recorded Message or Robocall?
Reported to the FTC

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Subjects of the call reported to the FTC:

  • Other
  • No Subject Provided
  • Computer & technical support
  • Reducing your debt (credit cards, mortgage, student loans)
  • Calls pretending to be government, businesses, or family and friends

Last complaint date: October 19, 2021.

Alternative Formatting

  • Local: 253-0000
  • Domestic: (650) 253-0000
  • Dialed in the U.S.: 1 (650) 253-0000
  • International: +1 (650) 253-0000


CALIFORNIA location on the map:


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