About Us

About ReportedCalls

ReportedCalls is an interactive computer service hosting complaints about phone calls and text messages which were provided by our website users and the United States Federal Commissions. We host complaints information about phone numbers such as the total number and locations of the complaints, issues, and subjects of the call, etc. All statistics are freely available to anyone using our website.

ReportedCalls.com was founded in 2017 to help people search and identify potential spam and scam phone numbers. Today, our database includes over 9 million complaints about more than 3 million North American Numbering Plan phone numbers. More than 300 thousand people use our phone number lookup service every month.

About Data

ReportedCalls is a service provider where the majority of the content is supplied by our service users and well-known organizations. We host complaints and other information which were provided by the following sources:

  • Our service users
  • Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
  • Federal Communication Commission (FCC)
  • North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA)

We use data cleaning for the complaints provided by the FTC and FCC before including them into our database and statistics in order to improve our service quality. For example, we are not adding complaints about phone numbers if the phone number is not 10 digits long, its area code (NPA) is not in service, etc.

All information in the complaints selected and provided by the consumers and not verified. We cannot possibly monitor the accuracy of the information provided by our service users as well as the information in the complaints provided by the FTC/ FCC and we are not liable for it.