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Just got a call today from this number saying there was a complaint filed against me and to return the call etc. Said their name was Jay.

October 04, 2022 

Received the same B.s. calls from these scamming creeps. Just delete and BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK these Idiots.

March 24, 2022 

This is the transcript of the voicemail from Stafford and Associates “Hello this message is for Shanda Turner this is Carla calling from the legal department of Stafford group and associates the reason for this call is because we mailed out some documents a couple of days ago in regards to a complaint that has been filed in our office our requires your immediate attention it's imperative for us to hear back from you as soon as possible to explain to you the particulars of this matter the number to our office is 714-453-9292 at the time of call and please reference case number 97618 and we also have a few questions in regards to property at (home address)hope to hear from you soon as you can for your time…”

February 15, 2022 

I just received a voice-mail from this so called firm stating they had a complaint against me and I needed to call them back to resolve. The had my name a address. Did not call back, but thank you for all the posts for me to know it is a scam!!

August 06, 2021 

I just got a call from the same company saying they are a pre litigation firm and have a complaint against me. They mailed out documents first of the month and if I don’t talk to them they are filing a lawsuit against me. Thank you for your posts to confirm this is a scam. Sounded like it but needed to make sure. She called from 714-453-9292 company name Sanford and something.

July 26, 2021 

I got two messages within two weeks left in my voicemail. One from Sonia and the other from Isabell. They both said the same as mentioned above also I needed to reference case #33850. They also have a question regarding a property at 535 E. Washington Ave. Defiantly a scam or phishing. I live in Pennsylvania.

July 24, 2021 

Received a call today (6/2/21) from someone named "Dolly" from a restricted number. Said same exact stuff as mentioned above about sent out info a few days ago regarding a complaint against me, funny thing is they gave a different first name but had my last name correct then spewed off an address I've never heard of! I'm assuming this has got to be yet another scam! I'm a Police Officer with the Los Angeles County Port Authority so I'm wondering if this is just another hate filled scam attempt aimed at law enforcement personal! I've been keeping my phone handy so I can answer their call this time, looking forward to talking with them.

June 02, 2021 

I received the same voicemail from Hilary, They had my first name correct but last name and address wrong.

May 25, 2021 

Same number 714539292 and message, only thing that’s changed name is Elizabeth. Same prompted call.

May 06, 2021 

Scam Call and voicemail

May 03, 2021 
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