Complaints about 716-217-4316 received by the United States federal commissions:

Do Not Call & Robocall Complaints
Received by FTC

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called twice within 2 hours and now blocked

15 hours, 37 minutes ago 

Dirt bag dame left no message. Been called multiple times with no message. Today,. I decided to fight back. Made sure my caller ID was off. Dialed the number appearing on my screen 716-217-4316 & hit the mute button. When answered she didn't ID her self or the organization I turned off the mute button and then asked who was this and why were they calling me. She claims she had a resume from me and this was a cash for driving business. Really I responded. Well I haven't sent out any resumes. I haven't been applying for a job. I'm forced into retirement due to being disabled . Then, I went on the offensive by asking her: "What do you know about the Do Not Call Registry? With that she said " have a nice day." Clearly abusive people who don't foll.ow the telecommunications laws. When will the FCC grow a set of stones and punish these sob's. The abuse is out of control, Yet nothing is being done as the Laws state they will go after these abusing scumbags.

April 15, 2019 

this telemarketer called 3x regarding drive for cash with no collateral, She is a dammed ass fish telemarketer and got nerves to called back again for the 4th times. I had enough with telemarketers keeps getting a phone call everyday both in my landline and cell phone. She's very lucky she don't lived in CA and if she does I will find her so will see what she's calling for and harassing my family and the consumer.

March 29, 2019 

They've called me twice, just today.

March 18, 2019 

Location Information

Complaints about 716-217-4316 calls or text messages received from New York, Ohio, California, North Carolina.

New York 20

Youngstown, Lockport, San Diego, Depew, Niagara Falls, Medina, Fredonia, Kenmore

Ohio 1

California 1


North Carolina 1

Area code 716 belongs to NEW YORK, UNITED STATES. Prefix 716-217 rate center is ANGOLA.

Recorded Message or Robocall?

Responses to the question "Was the call a recorded message or robocall?" in the complaints received by the FTC:

Consumer Responses
YES 14
NO 9

Got an illegal recorded message or robocall from this phone number?

Subjects of the Call and Issues

Subjects of the call reported to the Federal Trade Commission:

  • No Subject Provided
  • Work from home & other ways to make money
  • Reducing your debt (credit cards, mortgage, student loans)
  • Medical & prescriptions
  • Other
  • Dropped call or no message

Last report date: June 18, 2019.

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Other Information

Alternative telephone number formats:

  • Local: 217-4316
  • Domestic: (716) 217-4316
  • Dialed in the U.S.: 1 (716) 217-4316
  • International: +1 (716) 217-4316

Carrier/Company of the prefix 716-217 is CTC COMMUNICATIONS CORP. - NY.

Do Not Call and Robocall Complaints

Complaints reported to the Federal Trade Commission about the unwanted sales calls received after the phone number is on the National Do Not Call Registry for 31 days as well as the calls that use a recorded message instead of a live person. All information in the complaints provided by consumers and not verified.

Unwanted Call Complaints

Complaints reported to the Federal Communications Commission about the unwanted calls, robocalls, and telemarketing (including do not call and spoofing). All information in the complaints selected by the consumers and not verified.