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This number keeps calling my phone. Literally today I have received 40 calls from this number and they are calling me back to back. I had to block the number but it still shows up on my phone as a blocked call

January 13, 2022 

Home Advisor gave my number to DaBella Roofing and they Robocall three times a day too early and dinner hour. Who would hire a company that does that? Most good contractors don't even call back because of too much work as a result of quarantine. Hmmm.

August 17, 2021 

i also called dabella for a price quote. ended up telling them they were out of my price range and now i'm getting bombarded with these calls 3x a day with no voice mail, sometimes only calling long enough for one ring before they hang up. blocked the number, fingers crossed that it works.

November 20, 2020 

Bella siding. I called back and spoke with a customer service guy and I told him I was a litigation attorney and gave him a miscellaneous bar number I told him that I was taking his name down along with the company name and if I received another call from them I would be bringing them to court and would be suing not only the company but also the individual who called separately because I had specifically told that person I no longer want to have any contact with that company so it would be on his individual shoulders if anyone else called me back. I haven't had any returned calls since that day. I wonder why? LOL

August 17, 2020 

Same situation as someone else - recently had a quote from DaBella Roofing and am now getting multiple calls from this number. Don't trust DaBella

August 11, 2020 

the number is back 253-466-2570

May 04, 2020 

I have been getting repeated calls from 253-466-2570 despite my request several times to remove me from their call list. I talk to the representative and ask that I be removed only to get yet another call from them.

December 10, 2019 

Interesting that another person said they talked to someone at "bella siding"... Well, I recently had DaBella *roofing* visit me to discuss my needs. Now, I'm getting tons of call from this number. The caller doesn't leave a voice mail, so I have no idea who to expect the next time they call. It's rare that I get so many calls that I'm driven to spend time complaining about it online, do that others can learn of it.

November 05, 2019 

They have been calling up to three times a day and start around 7 am. I've blocked the number but they still get through somehow. They said I entered a contest for remodeling, and I do remember entering through a Facebook page months ago... but I'm not sure this is even the same outfit. Today I asked why they keep calling me and the girl said "because you entered our drawing." I replied that I might have wanted to win a contest, but that didn't mean they could call me three days a day. She said she had questions to ask about what projects I wanted done if I won, and I told her that I have already answered those questions and they need to stop calling. My answer was met with silence and I realized she had hung up on me.

April 29, 2019 

also, they left msg to call back # at 971-246-5915, not 253-466-2570 that was in their id.

July 10, 2018 
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Consumers from Washington complained about phone number 2534662570 calls or text messages.


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